MailBug™ Email Device and Service

MailBug Email Device
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MailBug™ Email Device

Buy your MailBug here – either for yourself, or a loved one – and we will set it up and configure your MailBug account for you before shipping it, so that all you or your loved one will have to do when it arrives is plug it in and start typing.

Pick Your Email Address

You will need to choose an email address for your MailBug service. Your email address will be formatted as ""  Please tell us your preferred email address in the form below when placing your order, along with an alternate email address in case your preferred address is not available. If you are interested in group purchases, or need a custom domain for your group or organization, or your small business, etc, please contact us (


MailBug Email Service

In the same way that a cell phone service provider is required to use your cell phone, your MailBug requires our MailBug Email Service  to send and receive emails,  With your subscription to MailBug service, you can send and receive an unlimited number of email messages to anyone with an email address --  whether they use a desktop computer, a cellphone or tablet, another MailBug, or any other type of email system. As long as they have valid email addresses, you can use your MailBug to exchange email with them.

MailBug Email Service is very inexpensive at just $12.95 per month. There is no long term commitment or contracts to worry about.  Service is billed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and it will continue to automatically renew until you tell us to cancel it.  Please select which service option you would like using the form below. 

Local and Toll-Free Access

In order to send and receive email, your MailBug uses the plain old standard analog phone line you already have in your home to automatically dial a local number to connect to the Internet. It will connect multiple times a day to check for email, but it will not interfere with your use of the phone. If you are using your phone, MailBug will wait until tine phone line is not in use to send/receive or check for new email.  It is designed to share the phone line you already have, so you do not need a new phone line or any special equipment.

Landel maintains over 20,000 numbers across the country, and we will use the telephone number provided in your shipping address to find one near you that can be dialed as a local call. Chances are very good that we have a local number available near where you live.

If there is no local number available, a toll-free number is available at no extra charge. This way you can use MailBug no matter where you live in the US or Canada. If you have measured phone service, be sure to ask for the toll-free number in order to avoid unnecessary phone charges.

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