SurveyBug for small and large business

SurveyBug for small and large business
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  • Item #: LT-303SB

Landel SurveyBug, the do-it-yourself survey kiosk!

  • Capture responses to customized survey questions
  • Enroll customers in your opt-in programs
  • Collect customer contact information
  • Get customer demographics
  • Give away incentive prizes

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Surveys!

Surveys have “gone to the web.” And there’s no doubt about “DIY” surveys, either — they are a force in market research and very useful.

If you have a complex market research problem, hire a market research firm. Do it because you’re not hiring a company just for the nuts and bolts of executing a survey, you’re hiring that company for their insights and brain power.

If your survey needs are simple, however, you can do it yourself with a web-driven survey.

But web surveys not only require you to access your survey results on the web, they also require your respondents to TAKE your survey ON the web. What if you’re a small business owner and you have a simple survey you want to execute, and you want to place that survey in front of customers or respondents at a location where web access is just not practical? Maybe you have a family-owned restaurant, for example,  and you want a dining satisfaction survey in your dining room.  Whatever your small business, a DIY market research tool might be all you need,… but the web just isn’t always a practical way to achieve it.


SurveyBug is your solution.

SurveyBug is a self contained, ready-to-use, non-computer kiosk, on which you can implement your simple and customized survey. You set it up quickly and easily without using the web, and your customers take your survey quickly and easily without the web.  Your survey results are then sent to your email address.


SurveyBug collects:

  • customer information: name, address, phone, and email
  • demographic information: gender, age bracket, household income, birthday, and marital status
  • your customized research questions and answers


Example SurveyBug screens




SurveyBug can perform all of these question types:

  • Yes/No
  • Yes/No with details followup
  • Yes/No with email address followup
  • Yes/No with street address followup
  • Agree/Disagree
  • Short Multiple Choice (Choose one)
  • Long Multiple Choice (Choose one)
  • Long Multiple Choice (Choose any/all)
  • Rating (1 to 5)
  • Ranking (rank order up to six choices)
  • Open text response


SurveyBug also enables simple random prize giveaways to encourage participation:


Setting up SurveyBug is easy.

Just answer some questions that SurveyBug will ask you –  including whether or not you want to capture names and demographic information, the name of your business, etc. Then enter any number of customized questions, up to ten.

That’s it, your survey is ready to start collecting data for you. Just place the kiosk where you want it, and start capturing your customers’ contact information and survey responses.

When you need to change your survey, it’s as simple as typing the new questions into your SurveyBug.


SurveyBug delivers your survey responses right to your email address.

Retrieving your surveys is simple and easy. Just watch your email and let the surveys roll in. Each response will appear as a separate email. They are easy to get, east to understand, easy to file or archive, easy to build a database from, and easy to use in following up with your customers.


SurveyBug is low cost!

The SurveyBug kiosk itself costs only $49.95.

Monthly SurveyBug data service is just $10 per month, billed to your credit card. Your first three months are FREE, as a gift from Landel to thank you for being a SurveyBug customer and to give you a chance to see how well SurveyBug works. With that in mind, your purchase here in the store will be only for the SurveyBug kiosk itself. The monthly data service fee, when you continue using SurveyBug beyond the free three months, will be billed separately.

There are no contracts, no prepayment penalties, no hassles.  You can cancel the monthly service anytime. There are no networking fees, no software “gotchas,” — nothing to surprise you or damage your budget.

SurveyBug is simple to use, simple to budget, with no surprises.

For more information, contact:


Note about other Landel Data Capture Options:

If your survey needs are simple, and you want the flexibility of doing it yourself,  SurveyBug is for you. If your data collection needs are very complex, and you want data delivered securely by SSL in XML format, suitable for populating a database, contact to find out how standard DataBug kiosks can be specifically customized for your business.


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